If you’re coming out Saturday what songs should I perform? Let me know.
Simple as that. #LifeGoesOn but let’s change things.
This Saturday come and have a good time with me. Want to hear some new music?
Been listening since 8am. I’m a fan. “SLS” and “FWU” are the truth. #Partynextdoor #TWO
Stoke | The Emcee Memoirs 

I will be playing the character “Stoke”, Moro’s older brother, founder of the SlumRoyals and the former champion of “Bruklenn.” His life tragically ended to soon, but his spirit lives on through his sister, and the rest of the royals. R.I.P Stoke. 
Queens, NYC | #Queens #NYC
This has been the face of too many Black mothers. This is a face we have grown too familiar with as of late. There is no reason for this many young DEFENSELESS Black men to be gunned down, with no justice. I’m always the person that says “things are getting better” and “we have to take the good with the bad.” But damn how many of us have to die before things actually do change? Rest in Paradise Mike, we will make a change. #LifeGoesOn
Life | A Social Media Society.
J. Manifesto - Represent f. Lafayette Stokely


"I’m like Stokely Carmichael in the flesh…."

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